Be Discovered

We are looking for:
  • FEMALE MODELS: AGE: 18-25, HEIGHT: 174 cm – 181 cm
  • MALE MODELS: AGE: 18-30, HEIGHT: 185 cm – 192 cm

We need you to send us your full name, Instagram, phone(WhatsApp), email, age, height, and measurements. (bust, waist, hips). We also need you to attach 2 photos or video.

Please note the following when submitting images:

1.- No make-up and simple hair.

2.- Simple background (white wall works great).

3.- Use natural light.

4.- Take a close up of your face, hair back.

5.- Take a close up of your face profile

6.- Close up of your face smiling

7.- A full body shot (black pants and t-shirt if possible).

    Personal info
    Contact info
    Modelling info
    Photos (.jpg) & Videos (.mp4)